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2023 Convener - David Paget (Lilli Pilli PS)

Assistant Convener - Michael Findlay (Gymea Bay PS)

CZ Trial - Friday 3rd March

Both Boys AFL and Girls AFL is played in Term 3, 2023

2012 was the inaugural year of PSSA. AFL The game is a modified form of the game in order to minimize injuries and maximize enjoyment and skill development. It currently runs as a 5 week non-competitive Round Robin. The NSW AFL and the Sydney Swans have close associations with the competition and continue to provide specialised support for both teachers and players. All staff have completed a Level O coaching course.


The primary objective is to introduce Australia’s most popular football code to Sydney school children in a safe and enjoyable format. Sportsmanship during and after the game are also encouraged and rewarded.

The Game

The field is divided into 3 zones, Forwards, Centres and Backs. Each player will rotate into each zone during the course of the game. There are 12 players on each side and only forwards can score goals. The game is divided into three equally timed thirds Tackling is allowed using only a grab like technique and no slinging is tolerated. Umpires are encouraged to coach both teams during the game in order to minimize congestion on the field.



Players are required to wear a mouthguard and drink plenty of water after the game.


Zone AFL 2021 Zone Trials Tuesday 23rd February (TBC)

A Zone AFL team is selected each year from designated trials usually held in Term 1. The Zone team will then participate in a Regional carnival for an individual’s selection in the Sydney East Representative team.

Regional AFL (Sydney East) Date TBC

Players are selected from the Regional Carnival. Zone team selection is a requirement.

State AFL

The NSW State team is selected from the State Carnival. Sydney East selection is a requirement.


AFL History in Sydney

Several players that have played in the AFL National League have started their playing  days in the Sydney  area. Lewis Roberts-Thompson (Sydney Swans), Nick Davis (Sydney Swans and Sylvania PS), Neil Brunton (Sydney Swans), Keiran Jack (Sydney Swans), Ben Jacobi (Richmond Tigers and Laguna St PS)

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