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Life membership is bestowed on a member for distinguished service to sport in the Cronulla Zone over a number of years.

  1. Life membership may be conferred by the Association for distinguished service to sport.

  2. It will be expected that candidates for Life Membership will have a made an outstanding contribution to school sport over a lengthy period at various levels.

  3. Nominations for life membership, accompanied by a statement of the qualifications of the nominee, should reach the Secretary at least one (1) month prior to the end-of-year meeting. Each nominee’s case is decided on its merit.

  4. Nominations for Zone Life Membership must come from a school nomination, to be considered by the Executive Officers of the Association, who will then make their recommendation to the Annual General Meeting Term 4 of the Cronulla PSSA.

  5. Election shall be by secret ballot.Those present at the AGM shall vote on the recommendation from the Executive.

  6. Election shall be successful if more than two-thirds of the votes are in the affirmative.

  7.  Life members may attend meetings, speak for or against any motion, but may not vote unless they are voting representatives of member schools.

Mr Ian Cooper (Retired- Woolooware PS)

Mr Vince Fagan (Retired- Miranda North PS)

Mr Bill Straker (Retired- Yowie Bay PS)

Mr Peter Jones (Retired- Cronulla South PS)

Mrs Diane Weldon (Retired- Caringbah PS)

Mr Bob Thomas (Retired- Cronulla South PS)

Mr George Harris (Retired- Miranda North PS)

Mr John Riley (Deceased- Kurnell PS)

Mr Paul Smith (Retired- Burraneer Bay PS)

Mr Dave Davis (Deceased- Gymea Bay PS)

Mr Steven Meades (Retired-Miranda North PS)

Mr Don Parker (Retired- Gymea Bay PS)

Mrs Janeen Dargaville (Retired- Grays Pt)

Mr Peter Cook (Retired- Kurnell PS)

Mr David Paget (Lilli Pilli PS)

Mr John Ayre (Retired-Woolooware PS)

Mr Colin Woodcroft (Retired- Gymea North PS)

Mr Glenn Horton (Retired- Kurnell PS)

Mr Phil Comerford (Retired- Caringbah North PS) 

Mr Steve Bell (Retired- Gymea Bay PS)

Miss Sharyn Wood (Retired- Burraneer Bay PS)

Ms Sandra Nakkan (Retired Burraneer Bay/Gymea Bay PS)

Mrs Anne O’Riordan (Kurnell PS)

Mr Gary Moon (Retired-Miranda PS)

Mr Jorg Knoflack (Retired-Burraneer Bay PS)

Mr Peter Banks (Cronulla PS)

Mr Paul Tindall (Burraneer Bay PS)

Mrs Joanne Williamson (Cronulla PS)

Mr Michael Brown (Gymea North PS)


The Service Award is bestowed on a member for distinguished service to school sport and assisting in the Cronulla Zone over a number of years.

Mrs Marg Tasker (Grays Point PS)

Mrs Cath Davenport (Grays Point PS)

Mrs Ingrid Carroll (Laguna St PS)

Mr Matt Carroll (Yowie Bay PS)

Mr Tim Yock (Taren Point PS)

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