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2024 Convener - Gabi Lambie (Laguna St)

Assistant Convener - Rebecca Kelly (Laguna St)

Tuesday 5th March

Sutherland Leisure Centre** (**Note Change of Venue)

NO DIVING will be permitted in the competition pool during warm up with the exception of Lanes 1 , 2 , 8 and 9 northern end/starting block end Depth 1.8m.  Lanes 1,2,8,9: 25m Dive sprint only.

Shallow end NO DIVING is permitted in WARM UP.

Warm Up commences 9:00am sharp and will finish at 9:15am .

Teacher/Team Manager supervision no student is to be unsupervised during this time.


NOTE: 1 START RULE 2024 is in operation for all events

Order of Events:  ***ALL EVENTS TIMED FINALS***

 *Start Times noted approximate only: based on previous years Carnival


1 2 All Age OPEN  100 m Freestyle Timed Finals -9:25 am

3 4 8 Yrs (2016) 50 m Freestyle Timed Finals – 9:35 am

5 6 9 Yrs (2015) 50 m Freestyle Timed Finals

7 8 10 Yrs (2014) 50 m Freestyle Timed Finals

9 10 11 Yrs (2013) 50 m Freestyle Timed Finals

11 12 12 Yrs (2012) 50 m Freestyle Timed Finals 

13 14 13 Yrs (2011) 50 m Freestyle Timed Finals

15 16 Jnr (8, 9,10 Yrs) 50 m Breaststroke Timed Finals – 11:10 am

17 18 11 Yrs 50 m Breaststroke Timed Finals

19 20 12/13 Yrs 50 m Breaststroke Timed Finals

21 22 Jnr (8, 9, 10 Yrs) 50 m Butterfly Timed Finals – 11:50 am

23 24 11 Yrs 50 m Butterfly Timed Finals

25 26 12/ 13 Yrs 50 m Butterfly Timed Finals

27 28 Jnr (8, 9, 10 Yrs) 50 m Backstroke Timed Finals – 12:15 noon

29 30 11 Yrs 50 m Backstroke Timed Finals

31 32 12/13 Yrs 50 m Backstroke Timed Finals


12:45 pm

Lunch Break (Approximately 30 mins) – *TBC on the day

33 34 Jnr (8, 9, 10 Yrs) 200 m Individual Medley Timed Finals 1:15 pm

35 36  –Snr (11, 12, 13 Yrs) 200 m Individual Medley Timed Finals 1:20 pm


37 38 Jnr (8, 9, 10 Yrs) 4 x 50 m Freestyle Relay Timed Finals – 1:30 -1:50  pm

39 40 Snr (11, 12, 13 Yrs) 4 x 50 m Freestyle Relay Timed Finals -2-:2:30 pm


NSW PSSA  SWIMMING rules are followed Cronulla Zone Carnival has a 1 Start rule in operation all events .


Referee is to see regulations and rules are observed, shall adjudicate all protests related to the competition in progress.


Zone selection policy applies for all competitors.



ONLY SCHOOL SWIMMING CAPS ARE PERMITTED or NO hat may be elected by swimmers.
* TIMED FINALS – these events are seeded heats where final placings are determined by fastest times.
* FORMAT re Timed Finals: All events are seeded heats based on entry times submitted by individual schools.( If prevailing weather conditions preclude competition on the day schools will be advised by Convener and the Executive)

ALL Schools must submit swimmers' times prior to Zone Carnival or a swimmer cannot be seeded.
* Results are posted as soon as ratified and official placings notified. These
results are available through school team Manager and announced / posted when official.
One Start rule applies for all events ***at the Cronulla Zone Swimming Carnival.*

* Protests are to be lodged by the teacher in charge of the school * (Team Manager) to the Protest Committee within fifteen minutes of the completion of the event. The Protest Committee shall consist of- Carnival Referee, Carnival Convener, Assistant Convener and at least one member of the Cronulla Zone Executive.

* Photographic and/or video evidence taken from outside the official pool deck will never be used by a Referee or the Protest Committee to make a decision on a protest. Protests are not allowed against a decision of fact. A decision of fact can be considered as "an observation by an experienced /knowledgeable person who believes that what he has seen is a true and real situation."

Swim Suits:
The following FINA rules regarding swimsuit regulations should be noted:
Swimsuits worn by competitors shall be non-transparent and conform to the following design:
(i) Men’s swimsuits are limited to one (1) suit that covers at most the body surface from hips to knee. Swimsuits may not extend above the waist or below the knees;
(ii) Women’s swimsuits are limited to one (1) suit that is of “open back” and “open shoulder” designs that may extend down to the knee. Swimsuits must not extend below the knees.
(iii) No zippers or other fastening devices are allowed except for a waist tie.
(iv) Swimsuits must be of textile material and must not contain any non-textile material such as polyurethane or neoprene.

(vi) Any swimmer can request to wear modified or alternate swimwear, as long as this is presented to Competition Convener and/or Carnival referee prior to swimmer's first session of competition.

(vii) All swimmers are eligible for a record if they wear approved modified or alternate swimwear

(viii) Swimmers may choose a swimwear style that covers additional body surface including the legs, arms and/or head.

(ix) If approved within the rule, there is no limit to the number of pieces the swimwear may be made from and swimmers 

may wear additional layers over a traditional swimsuit.

(x) Swimwear which the the Carnival Competition Convener or Referee believes would be unfairly enhancing

a swimmer's performance will not be permitted.

(x1) Swimwear which Carnival Competition Convener or Referee believes would cause a safety risk will not be permitted.

Safe Diving :

Re safe and shallow diving at Sutherland Pool, schools must certify all members of the school’s swimming team both individual competitors and relay competitors in year of competition have undertaken the Royal Life Saving PowerPoint Competitive Dive Starts Safe Water Entry for School Swimming Carnivals for Primary Students. School certification forms Signed by the school Principal are to be returned to Zone Convener prior to competition or students from that school will be required to do a push off start and will not be permitted to dive.

Student confidence is very important and a student may prefer to start on pool deck or in water regardless of competence.

NO SMOKING in front of students at this school event. Thank you for your co-operation.

Swimming Classification for Primary Students Multi Class 

For primary and secondary students requiring classification. Please ring Greta Brodie 028047 8509

NOTE: Multi-Class Swimmer Eligibility (NSWPSSA)
All MC Swimmers with a physical disability and intellectual classifications require NR (National Review) classification status in order to be eligible to compete at our sanctioned PSSA events.
A Provisional Classification (for Functional Disability Classes 1-10) is not eligible for state or national level competition. All other disability classes require the athlete’s name to appear on the relevant organisation Master List prior to competition.

Further information: Peter Cardy -Disability Inclusion Officer, School Sports Unit   Email:

Sydney East Carnival

Monday 11th March 2024 @ 2.30pm


SE - Primary Swimming Championship (

Champion School
Percentage Champion
Records - GIRLS
Records - BOYS
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