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We are are again using the new online apparel ordering system called Spriggy Schools for the Cronulla Zone Athletics Carnival on Friday 11th and 25th August.

Day 1 Orders open Wednesday 27th July and close Wednesday 9th August, 2023 at 11pm.

Orders will be processed and school Team Managers will distribute orders on the 11th August at the carnival. If the stock is unavailable, it will be ordered and distributed on Day 2- 25th August.

Spriggy Schools will make apparel orders more convenient for both families and the schools.

1. Go to or use the QR code below to register and download the app. Steps to get started:

2. Add a profile for your children, making sure you select SCHOOLNAME and your child’s class.

3. Select Events- Zone Athletics.

4. Start placing orders!

You can place orders up to 2 weeks in advance. If you have any questions, please contact Spriggy Schools via their website. Spriggy Schools uses a third-party payment provider called Brain Tree (PayPal).

*all items are not always available

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