Rugby League

2020 Conveners

Opens – Paul Tindall (Burraneer Bay PS)

11 years Convener – Kwyn Soames (Laguna Street PS)

Zone Trials – Monday 2nd March 2020


The NSW Department of Education Term 3 Learning Guidelines states that school sporting activities, including competitions aligned with current health advice are permitted to take place from the beginning of Term 3.

In accordance with this advice, Cronulla Zone PSSA inter-school sport is scheduled to recommence on Friday 14 August 2020. Please be aware that the guidelines also clearly state that non-essential adults are still not permitted on school grounds or at school events. We kindly ask that all parents, grandparents and carers (i.e. all spectators) do not attend PSSA matches at any of the venues until such time as this advice changes. School staff will be instructed to cease any inter-school game should it become necessary due to unauthorised attendance.

We thank all members of Cronulla Zone PSSA sporting community for their ongoing support and look forward to welcoming back family spectators at some stage in the future.

Rugby League is offered to students in years 3-6 as a sport during Term 2 PSSA.

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Rugby League Information 


TBC (click to download)



Games to be played at:

  • CAPTAIN COOK FIELD, Captain Cook Drive, Woolooware;

  • COREA STREET OVAL, Box Road, Gymea;

  • JOHN DWYER PLAYING FIELD, Oleander Parade, Caringbah;

  • GWAWLEY OVAL, Taren Point Road, Taren Point.



  • Juniors (born 2009, 2010 and 2011) play 2 x 15 minute halves, with 11 players on a reduced field.

  • Seniors (born 2006, 2007 and 2008) play 2 x 20 minute halves, with 13 players on a full field.



  • Juniors should Kick-off by 1:00pm.

  • Seniors should Kick-off by 1:40pm.






  • Please ensure that your parents have sighted and signed the Cronulla Zone’s Code of Conduct, and that you help to enforce it at all games;

  • Parents are not to enter the field of play at any time unless a serious injury has occurred and the game has been stopped, and parents invited onto the field;

  • Parents ARE NOT to act as trainers and should not be ‘running the water’. Teachers are only to enter the field of play when required.



There were new Mod League rules implemented across the game in 2015. These will continue this year. They are attached for your information.


Updated Mod League Rules apply – this includes:

  • the new Vests rules regarding “First Receiver” and “Dummy Half”. Please note that the vests must be rotated between players at half-time.

  • 2 passes are needed in all parts of the field (with the exception of the players wearing vests);

  • The defensive team should retire 5 metres from the play-the-ball;

  • Re-start Law – tap kick (to the team conceding a try); First tackle in all Modified Games age groups.

  • Zero Tackle Law to be applied as per the International Laws across all age groups.

  • There is no stripping of the ball in Mod League;

  • Defenders (including the marker) should not move until the first receiver has caught the ball;

  • No scrums – changeover of possession (first infringement);


  • All tries are worth 4 points.



  • Juniors – directly in front of the post.

  • Seniors – directly opposite where they scored. If they scored between the sideline and 20 metres in, then the goal kick should be taken from 20 metres in.



  • Mouthguards must be worn in the following circumstances as per “Sport and Physical Activity in Schools Safe Conduct Guidelines”:

  • All selection trials and games organised for any occasion by the school, the school’s sporting zone, regional and / or state school sport association.

  • All games or competitions organised by external organisations that are school endorsed activities.

  • Training sessions where skills training requires physical contact between participants.

  • Players should be encouraged to wear Standards Australia approved head gear designed primarily to protect the ears and head against abrasions.

  • Players who choose to wear shoulder pads should only use a type of shoulder pad approved by the Australian Rugby League (ARL).

  • Boots must conform to the Laws of the Game.



  • Safe Play is designed to minimise the risk of injury to players;

  • Players and spectators must follow the Code of Conduct as set out by the Cronulla Zone PSSA.

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