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2024 Boys Convener - Tim Alimbakis (Grays Point PS)

2024 Boys Assistant Convener - Michael Brown (Gymea North PS)

2024 Girls Convener - Brittany Wymer (Grays Point PS)

CZ Trials - Tuesday 7th May 2024

Soccer is offered to students (girls and boys) in years 3-6 during Term 2 PSSA sport.

2024 Draw (click to download)


It is the responsibility of the teacher attending the PSSA Soccer games to referee one half of the Junior game and one half of the Senior game. If for some reason the teacher accompanying the soccer team cannot referee for a game (e.g. a casual is replacing the usual soccer teacher) the opposing school MUST be contacted to ensure that the teacher from the opposition is happy to referee both games. Parents are not to be used to referee. Permission to use someone who is not a teacher as a referee for any week must be sought from one of the Soccer Conveners or one of our PSSA Presidents.


Soccer boots

This year we will again be running the soccer competition under the "Guidelines for the Safe Conduct of Sport in Schools" document. All players MUST wear soccer boots and shin pads. If a student forgets their boots they will need to borrow from their own school or unfortunately miss the game. The goalkeeper must also wear boots and a different coloured top to his/her team.


Soccer Balls

All schools must provide a size 4 match ball of a reasonable condition to be used for the match.



The fields allocated are those we were able to secure the use of through the Sutherland Shire Council Ground Allocation document. Please understand there are a lot of schools involved. We realise some matches are not ideally placed. Please see the image description of each field if you are at a venue with more than one pitch.


Goal posts

We are aware that the absence of goal posts at many grounds the last few years caused a great deal of  frustration. Unfortunately, this situation is likely to be the same this year. We have been informed by Sutherland Shire Council that clubs have been specifically requested by the Football Association not to provide goal posts for school competitions due to insurance concerns.


We realise that this creates some major issues for our competition. Schools will on many occasions be resorting to using bags, witches’ hats or bins as their goal posts. If you have been involved in the Auskick program and have the small AFL posts, you may like to take these.


Teachers will also be placed in a difficult situation as far as judging whether a goal has been scored or not. You will need to discuss this issue with the opposing teacher before the game starts and rely on each other’s professionalism.

Game times

Matches should start as soon as possible from1.00pm to allow a break for half time and between games.

Juniors play 15 minutes each way.

Seniors play 20 minutes each way

Teams arriving after 1.00pm will forfeit the junior match and play whatever time is remaining as a friendly. The senior match should run as scheduled.


Rule reminders

Corners can be taken anywhere along the by-line up to the corner of the 18-yard box in both Junior and Senior games with the exception of senior division 1 teams who must play a corner from the corner of the field.

Goal kicks can be taken from anywhere within the penalty box (usually from the edge of the area).

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