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2023 Conveners – Tim Yock (Taren Pt)

CZ Trial - Monday 6th March 2023

The low key competitive nature of the competition is its greatest asset. Emphasis is placed on the boys and girls striving to improve their skills and game strategies in an atmosphere of fun and involvement.


High pressure coaching is discouraged while children are taught to take responsibility for the running of their teams, including substitutions, during games. The teachers fulfil a supervisory role while children complete their roles of timing and scoring of games.


The regular rules of basketball are modified to simplify the game. If one team dominates their rival the referee will draw the defence back to half way and ask players to refrain from double teaming the ball carrier (Mercy rule). The idea is to gain confidence and improve game skills and strategies.

Referees will often take on a coaching role, particularly in junior games, explaining rules and how the children can improve their performance. The referees are encouraged to be firm on fouls and poor sportsmanship.


Due to the availability of the courts each team will have the opportunity to play one another if all games are played. There will be no finals day and results will be forwarded to schools at the completion of the season.


Parents and friends must sign a Code of Conduct form supplied by schools and are welcome to watch games. They are not allowed to coach teams or referee games.


If a problem arises with players, referee, coaches or parents please seek my assistance. 


Thank you for your attendance and enjoy the season.



The general rules of basketball apply with some modification.

  1. No 3 second rule in the key for juniors. 5 second rule for seniors.

  2. 2 points for a basket, no three point shots in PSSA.

  3. No cross court rule for juniors. Cross court rule applies for seniors.

  4. No rough play or unsportsmanlike behaviour. Fouls will be called.

  5. Double dribble rule applies.

  6. Clock does not stop during games.

  7. Duty teams must report to court on time.

  8. Flexible travel rule applies to seniors and major travel incidence in junior games will be called after a friendly warning. This will be at the discretion of the referee.

  9. Games at Sutherland Basketball Stadium begin at 1pm sharp.

  10. Games at school grounds start at 1pm sharp.

  11. Games are 14 minute half and 1 minute for half time.

  12. Parents cannot coach, score or referee games.

  13. Juniors will use a lowered ring when at the stadium.

  14. A junior may play in the senior team if your team is short. Seniors are not to play in junior teams.

  15. Size 6 ball to be used.

  16. Junior teams are mixed and mixed ability.

  17. Senior teams are boys and girls.


Note: Senior teams are 11 and 12 year olds.

Juniors are 8, 9 and 10 year olds.



Sutherland Basketball charge $22 per team per week to cover court hire and referees.



School sports shorts or skirt.

Basketball singlets, numbered if possible.

Appropriate sports shoes.

No jewellery to be worn.

Medi Alert bracelets may be worn if required

No hats on outside courts, however, students must wear hats will waiting to play.


If students are interested there are learn to play clinics available:

  • Tuesday afternoon, Saturday morning at Sutherland Basketball Stadium

  • Under 10’s Mini-comps (comp & game) 7 to 10 year olds Tuesday

  • Under 12’s & 14’s competitions Thursday


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